Thursday, March 26, 2015

While shopping in Target a mother finds her little kid is going through her purse, the kid had taken out her drivers license…
She mildly scolds him for reading it . But the little kid says “but i learned so much about you from it”
The mom says “well, OK Tommy, what did you learn about me”
“well, says Tommy… “i know your age now”
“and what is that?” says his mother
“you’re old” says the kid
“and guess what else I learned your height”
“which is?’ says the mom
 “you are really tall” he says
“well, yes you are right, I am tall for a woman”
“and, i learned your weight” he says
“and what is that?” asks the mother
“a lot for a woman your height” the kids says
the mother sighs and says “well, that’s not very nice Tommy, but I can’t argue that”
and then the kid says “I know why dad divorced you”
“Huh? WHAT?” says the mother, “how in the world did you get that from a drivers license”
“because, you got an f in sex”